For the record

The whole thing last night was just sort of weird.  I wasn’t trying to date this kid or anything, so I wasn’t upset with that aspect of it.  But essentially the conversation started because I said that I had said that I needed to get laid, but that I was trying to stay away from the whole one night stand, because I’m better than that.  And then he was saying that he didn’t like it either, and that he’d like to date someone, I asked him what kind of girls he liked.  He said tall, so I told him I wasn’t tall.  I wasn’t aiming for anything with this dude.  Mind you, he totally touched my thigh.

We’re leaving to bar, our other friend had joked about making out, but in all reality, I wasn’t going to go home with this kid, I was going to walk home with my two best friends, get my snuggle on and walk home and go to bed.  But this kid says “So I’d probably never date you.”  I was flabbergasted and just said “ohh god, okay?”  And then he texted me something to the effect, “I realised what I just turned down…you still free?”  FFFFFFFUUUUUUU.  I’m not some hooker, I’m not free, and you can’t fucking spell realize right, EAT A DICK.  It’s just totally trite and offensive to tell someone you’d never date them, and then basically ask to fuck them.

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  1. princesquid said: what the hell is that bullshit?! fucking frustrating. My apologies.
  2. maybabymoonchild said: He’s right on not realizing what he passed up but he clearly didn’t deserve it to begin with. What bullshit! Love you babydoll.
  3. cottontops said: Realised = English Realized = American Still, this fella sounds like a twat.
  4. trudymade said: men are pigs. yes i am sexist. they are grabby slobs.
  5. einsteiner said: You go girl.
  6. heedasocialista said: what a douche bag! holy fuck people suck!
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