Fuck The Misfits

So last night The Misfits played Rochester’s very own Montage Music Hall along with my good friends The Isotopes.  Now, if you’ve ever seen the Isotopes before you know that between their songs they have a recorded announcer who mercilessly makes fun of the other bands on the bill.  This is all in good fun.  I mean come on, Record Store Day, they made tons of cracks about Dick Storms going into the VHS business because things like records and video tapes are obsolete, it’s just a joke of course.  All in good fun, part of their gimmick. 

Apparently the drummer of this Misfits took it upon himself to get angry.  He began by congratulating the guitarist, one of my best friends, and then when John went to extend his hand for a handshake the drummer said “but I didn’t like your jokes.” And punched him in the mouth.  Obviously caught off guard John fell back which the drummer then began kicking him while he was down.

The drummer also sought out other members of the band and sucker punched the other guitarist, Karl, in the temple.  Obviously all of this was completely unwarranted.

The Isotopes, while their jokes my be off color, and offensive at times, are some of the nicest dudes you’ll ever meet.  They have such passion for music, and they’re only trying to put on a good show for the crowd.  I can’t believe anyone would be so arrogant and attack such genuine good people.

You might want to think next time before you put on that skull t-shirt, you’re supporting an aggressive asshole.

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Eric “chupacabra” Arce

Is the dude drumming for the misfits and let’s face it they’re not even the real Misfits anyway. They’re a glorified cover band.

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